As much as technology drives hotel bookings, it’s still important to help your potential guests feel welcome. Those travellers coming to stay at your establishment want to feel appreciated. This personalisation experience can help create a deeper relationship through easy to apply yet meaningful actions.

Those technology touch points that can help remove friction for the traveller can be used to enhance traveller experiences. This is why BookingDirection is a great idea to help make a potential guest enjoy a direct experience with your hotel.

By using BookingDirection’s sophisticated software, you can help guests make informed decisions when they do decide to book with your hotel. What’s even better is you have the opportunity to retain them as a loyal customer.


When potential guests are looking to make a booking with your hotel, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to stay on your website and make a decision to book a room. With an added piece of easy-to-use technology like BookingDirection on your website, their purchasing decision is made that much easier.

Especially with millennials and a younger generation with tech savvy knowledge, they enjoy an interactive experience with your hotel. This can create an entirely new potential market for hoteliers.

Return on Investment

There is a nominal investment to add BookingDirection to your website. This makes joining BookingDirection what we call, a no-brainer and a small price to pay. A return on your investment in a very short time.

Ultimately, if a hospitality company wants to be guest-centric, it has to embrace the change that comes with technological transformation.