The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow


The world is reeling from the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. The hotel industry has been one of the casualties of this worldwide pandemic. What is your hotel doing about it? How are you coping with cancellations and empty rooms? One way of mitigating the effects of potential customers not booking with you is to assure them of your high hygiene standards. You can make this visible on your website and offer guests some reassurance of a greater standard of cleanliness when they book with you. With our BookingDirection technology added to your website, you can offer visitors to your site this information in addition to the reassurance of a seamless booking experience, bypassing Online Travel Agency sites (OTAs) and the possibility of any mis-representation. You would also be able to share your cancellation policy. Alleviating the risk of customers paying through OTAs and not really knowing ‘where they stand’. This will give potential customers reassurance that you have their best interests are heart. We at BookingDirection offer many other techniques to help encourage Direct Bookings to your hotel helping you take control of your destiny and the journey of your guests today.


Building trust in a competitive market is key to ensuring you retain customer loyalty. When you add our BookingDirection technology to your website you are building a stronger relationship with anyone who is considering booking with your hotel. They have additional information at their fingertips when they visit your site, such as; comparison tools, call-out messages and other unique tactics to enhance their booking experience.


Every cent has become more valuable as bookings decrease and here we offer you an opportunity to now increase your profit margins as you save on commissions that you would normally pay out to the OTAs.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

So it is not all doom and gloom and remember, the sun will come out tomorrow. Be prepared. Talk to us today.