You are now getting those Direct Bookings and travellers are signing up with your hotels. Which is great! And we agree, this is very important, it is why BookingDirection is here! But what about the smaller details? Those little things a customer would truly enjoy? One where their stay could be unforgettable? And help to create customers for life.

Here are some tips from some of the great hotels round the world:

1) A great hotel needs a top manager, General Manager or resident manager who is present and available to help both staff and customers alike.

2) To be great, a hotel needs an outstanding team—both management and front-line staff. These ‘stars’ have empathy and take a genuine interest in their guests’ welfare.

3) A guest’s first contact with your hotel is their interaction with the valet and doorman. These employees must communicate “welcome,” in words, smiles, and body language. They have a ‘can do’ attitude and are happy to serve guests, and not angling for a tip.

4) As far as bellboys, luggage should be delivered to your room within 10 minutes. Period.

5) Knowing the name of your guests makes the guest feel valued. However guests should be addressed by name appropriately and discreetly. Broadcasting names in a public space is an invasion of privacy and can be a security risk.

6) One great way for a hotel to appear distinctive is in its choice of room amenities and in-room features. Accents should be useful, tasteful, distinctive, and local whenever possible. Nothing second-rate, or slap dash.

7) Housekeeping staff, sometime minimally skilled and paid, are often the hotel personnel most resistant to training. But they can excel, and the best hotel maids take fierce pride in their craft. This is very detail-oriented work, and the difference is in the smaller details.

8) At a great hotel, employees are finely tuned, like an orchestra. They are conducted by a skilled, intuitive, and committed General Manager. Everyone knows their job, how to get it done, how to work with other staffers, and, most importantly, how to read each guest.

In short, a great hotel’s goal is to create a memorable experience which guests will want to repeat—and tell their friends, colleagues, and online review outlets about. You know great service when you find it; it feels brilliant and rare, but at the same time completely natural—the way things should be.

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