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If your hotel’s website is your online channel’s Playing Field, direct bookings are your Touchdowns

Your online channel’s playing field: Websites play a major role in your hotel’s online channel Online shoppers visit the website when they research for their vacation or business trip, from checking out photos and info about your rooms, amenities, pools, spa, gym to checking out your menus etc. A well designed and operating website is […]

Hotelier sees 86% Boost in Direct Bookings with BookingDirection

With Price playing such a major role in Online Hotel Bookings, 85% based on Google research, online shoppers price-shop regularly and seek price comparison data prior to booking hotel accommodations.   Hotelier, would you rather, 1. Provide, live and accurate price comparison data on your website, so they can compare and book direct? – or […]

Hoteliers’ Big Challenge begets a No-Brainer Solution

Last year, on separate calls, a number of hoteliers, who happen to also be clients, shared with us a concern they all had in common, and taking their word for it, many more hoteliers share: The persistent decrease in margins on their online channel. One thing led to another as it often does, and before […]

2 Winning Initiatives for Hoteliers wanting to Increase Direct Bookings

The hotel online booking scene, for Hoteliers is a mixed basket, holding both difficulties and opportunities. In layman’s terms, the following are obvious:   Getting the negative out of the way: Hoteliers are fighting a losing battle against Internet Savvy and Big spending OTAs and MetaSearches for the attention of online shoppers because: 1. OTAs and […]

Hoteliers are calling out the OTAs ‘Best Price’ Bluff

Top 2 value propositions OTAs have been selling to shoppers are :   1. OTAs offer most variety and options….maybe 2. OTAs offer Best Price….. now that’s a Bluff!   Shoppers, at least for the most part, are NOT aware of Rate parity provisions imposed by OTAs on hoteliers, putting hotels prices across channels, from the […]

OTAs, Friend or Foe? How are They Killing your Direct bookings?

OTAs are dominating online travel booking, in many cases accounting for 76% of hotel bookings online and in some cases a lot more.   In this reality, many hotels rely on OTAs for booking rooms, which raises 2 questions:   What is the cost? Is there alternative?   -Before answering these questions, for those who […]

2 Main Reasons Shoppers Prefer Booking with OTAs over Hotels Websites

Following hundreds of conversations with hoteliers in the past months, one pain was almost a constant: shrinking revenue margins due to OTAs. Add to that, the following facts, OTAs are controlling hotel bookings online with their, huge marketing budgets and options & variety to shoppers, and that so many hotels rely on OTAs for an […]