Full Funnel Strategy to drive direct bookings

10 most valuable tips to get more direct bookings in 2020


As we fast approach the end of 2019, it’s time to look forward to 2020 and to discover strategies that will entice potential guests to book with your hotel.

We offer you 10 valuable tips that will encourage guests to book with you time and again and help make 2020 the most profitable for your hotel.

  1. Price. Is your hotel price competitive? Prove this with a price comparison bar. Showing live prices of the OTAs. Are you giving guests good enough reasons to book your hotel?
  2. Amenities. The price is right but what other reasons should they stay? Everybody loves a deal. Your price is right.

What else does your hotel have to offer? Spa, wifi, business centre, views to die for? Let your guests know.

  1. OTA listing. Is your listing with the OTAs up to date?

More often than not, guests are finding you through the OTAs.

The OTAs are the ones spending the big bucks on advertising. We need to work with them. And we do!

  1. Your Website. When landing on your site is your site engaging enough? Does your hotel website load within the recommended 3 seconds. Make sure your site is optimised appropriately. In today’s world no one is prepared to wait.
  2. Urgency. A sense of urgency always helps. Knowing that there is a chance of missing out on an opportunity helps entice people to make a decision. Book Now.
  3. Mobile. Is your site mobile friendly? The trend today is that more and more people are using their mobile phones more and more especially with all the improvements we see in mobile technology.
  4. Booking Engine. Is your booking engine user friendly…2 to 3 clicks to complete a booking.
  5. Social Media. Are you active on social media? Good use of images of your hotel can help here. This is a good place to hold a competition helping you to engage with your guests and to learn more about them.
  6. Service levels. Don’t drop the ball at the final hurdle. Make sure your staff are adequately trained to welcome your guests and making sure when they leave that they want to come back. Create customers for life.
  7. Team effort. Have all the right players on board to be an effective player in the market. Stick to your strengths and outsource to industry leaders to help you create a winning formula for your hotels success.

We wish you all a healthy, happy and profitable 2020.